Find best instructors

and fruitful training for your team

Access knowledge, skills and experience of individual experts who might not work for any training company,

but give excellent workshops on topics they know exceptionally well.

How it works?

If your team requires a high-quality workshop,
why not to ask the most capable person to deliver it for you?

Why to learn from individuals?

Your company doesn’t have to be limited to the offer of a few training companies.
There are many knowledgeable individuals who can share their unique expertise with you.


World-class experts don’t necessarily work for training companies. They work on exciting hands-on projects and share their best knowledge occasionally.


Thanks to public references, ratings, reviews and prices you can compare workshops and instructors. You can make enquiries to best of them without hassle.


Training companies adapt their curriculum slowly. If you want to learn a cutting-edge topic, experts who work on it on daily basis provide the workshop better and faster.


Because we increase transparency and often skip training companies, the instructors can offer more attractive prices for their workshops.

Step by step


1. Search for workshop or expert

Use Knowledgio to search for workshops or topics that your team needs to learn. You can see public ratings, reviews and references to find high-quality and verified workshops and experts.

2. Request a workshop

Ask experts to give an on-site workshop for your company. We help to make an agreement happen as smoothly as possible.

3. Attend the workshop

Invite the expert to your office, attend the workshop and consume as much knowledge as possible.

4. Give rating and feedback

Give public rating and review of the workshop and private feedback to the expert. This way high-quality workshops are promoted, workshops are continuously improved and fair judgement is possible.

5. Reward the expert

In case of commercial workshops, pay for hard work that the expert put into preparing excellent content and giving the workshop to you. The extra service fee of 15%, that helps us run our platform and offer services like 24/7 support, is added by us.

How we innovate knowledge sharing?

We believe that there is so much knowledge available in the minds of individual people,
but it’s hard to access it, because the training industry is dominated by training companies.

Democratizing teaching

Nowadays, commercial workshops are given by a few people luckily hired by training companies. It’s limiting. We give an opportunity to teach to everyone who has unique knowledge and experience.

Finding best instructors

You can browse existing workshops and expert profiles. Thanks to integration with LinkedIn, you see the professional experience and career path of each expert.


Fair judgement

Public references, ratings, reviews and prices help you compare workshops, experts and select best ones. This guarantees that high-quality workshop are given for the best price.

Cutting costs

Because we skip training companies, that take most of the profit from training, the experts can set much more attractive prices.