How does the verification of instructors look like?

Everyone is invited to create a profile page in our service. The profile page contains information like your name, email, bio, previous public speaking and teaching experience and links to your social profiles. When you create your profile, it becomes visible automatically. Although we trust instructors by default, we periodically scan the instructor profiles to ensure that spam, abuse, or inappropriate content is not published.

How does the verification of workshop look like?

Everyone is invited to create a workshop offer in our service. The workshop offer contains information like title, description, price, length of the workshop and more. When you create a workshop offer, it gets “pending” status by default and is not visible for others. Our team reviews the workshop offer that spam, abuse, or inappropriate content is not published. Once the review is done, the workshop offer becomes publicly visible and searchable.

Is there any agreement signed between instructor and the client company?

Yes, it is. For the benefit of all parts, we ask both instructor and client company to sign a very lightweight and standard agreement. The agreement specifies

  • how and when the payment is made
  • who¬†covers the costs of possible travel and accommodation
  • who books the classroom
  • whether the client agrees to publish its name and logo on the instructor’s portfolio in our service (rating and review is always published)
  • what happens when the instructor fails to deliver workshop
  • and few more things

The agreement secures the interest of both parts.

How does the review and rating system work?

Ratings and reviews of your workshop can be submitted only by participants who attended your workshop in person. For each rating and review, we ask a submitter to prove that she really attended your workshop. For each review, the instructor has also a right to write own comments. We do our best to ensure that constructive reviews are published, so that high-quality workshops are rewarded, low-quality workshops are improved and fair judgement is possible.

What is the service fee?

The service fee helps us run our platform and offer services like 24/7 support. It’s fully paid by the company that orders a workshop. It’s 15% of the total workshop price.

What to do when a company approaches me directly to skip the service fee?

Some companies might ask you to make an workshop agreement without assistance of our service to skip the service fee. It doesn’t pay in long run because such a workshop doesn’t contribute to your training profile, for instance references, positive ratings and reviews are not published. The other instructors who collect references, ratings and reviews will eventually become more visible and sought-after since their expertise and workshops will be verified and recommended by clients.

Please note that the service fee is rather small and fully paid by the companies. It helps us run our platform and offer services like 24/7 support. Other services like AirBnb also introduce such a fee.