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Grzegorz Piwowarek

Software Developer at TouK

I am a passionate full stack developer, active community member, conference speaker, metal musician, professional yo-yo player and a former Mensa member who cares about quality, craftsmanship, clean code and getting things done. I have huge passion for teaching and knowledge sharing and this is why doing workshops, conference talks and contributing to Baeldung gives me a huge satisfaction.

Java 8, Javaslang

Training Experience
My experience involves numerous inner-held workshops and commercial trainings.

In February 2016 Grzegorz Piwowarek led workshops at e-point S.A. for 12 programmers about functional programming in Java 8. He was well prepared, used appropriate exercises and supported participants at their own laptops. All participants upvoted the workshop and wish another one.

Marek Berkan CTO at e-point SA | JEE Engineer | Hybris Engineer

Public Speaking Experience
My speaking experience involves over 20 talks during JUG meetings and conferences in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus. http://jeeconf.com/program/java-wars-8-the-function-awakens/ http://javaday.org.ua/kyiv/#speakers http://2016.confitura.pl/#/speakers


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