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Jakub Marchwicki

Software engineer by heart, training, passion. 10+ years of experience from developer, through consultant, architect, manager - mangling it all together for a perfect and interesting workshop.

Programming, Clean code, Java8, Spring Framework, Java EE, Web architectures, Microservices

Training Experience
  • Modern architecture: DDD, Microservices, Clean Architecture

  • Functional style programming in Java with Java8

  • Refactoring to Java8

  • Business components development with EJB

  • Developing application with Spring Framework

  • Legacy code refactoring with design patterns

  • Engineering practices with clean code and TDD

Public Speaking Experience
  • EJB applications guided by tests (GeeCON 2013)

  • Design principles for hackers. The mental aspect of development (33rd degree 2013)

  • JEE.next() – what’s new in JEE6 (4 developers 2013)

  • Reverse engineering the clean code (JMaghreb 2014, GeeCON 2014, DevoxxPL 2016, Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016)

  • Practical microservice architecture (33rd degree 2014)

  • JEE’ish development without hassle (JDD 2014, GeeCON Prague 2014)

  • What is code? (GeeCON Prague 2015, JFall Netherlands 2015)

  • Winning back JavaEE (Voxxed Days Berlin 2016, 4develop)

  • Learing modern Javascript without node.js (GeeCON 2016, Confitura 2016)


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